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Using The Nail Polish

Applying nail polish may sound very simple and easy to anyone but it is an art that can make all the difference in your appearance. If done well, spending just a few minutes on it can easily make your hands and feet look outstandingly beautiful and give a boost to your personality.

Here is how to use the halal nail polish correctly:

Removing the traces of old polish – To help you to get an equally spread impact, it is important to remove all the traces of old polish. This should be achieved with a cotton roll plus a top-notch nail polish remover or simple and plain acetone.

Dab the cotton ball with the remover and keep it within the nail for quite a while then rinse it lightly to remove all residues. But do not utilize the remover too often, as it has a drying effect on the nail which may damage it.

Removing the cuticles- This is essential for the proper development of the nails. Do not apply force whilst utilizing the remover.

Shaping the nails – Any fantastic nail polish would stick out on the nails which were shaped well. To do it, you must use a top-notch file or an emery board. Maintain one direction for submitting the nails and you also do it going from corners towards the middle.

Keep your nails only in the event that you have the opportunity to maintain them, otherwise short and well-shaped nails are equally great for improving the effectiveness of every polish.

Cleaning your palms – Before employing any nail polish, you must clean your hands well to remove all the dust in addition to traces of the nail polish.

Implementing the gloss – The Selected color of your choice and employ strokes from the bottom towards the top.