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How To Throw Your Kid’s Summer Birthday Party In A Tent?

Kids love parties, but those born in summer may feel left out cheated when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Your summer born kiddos deserve an ultimate birthday party.

However, hosting an outdoor celebration worth considering whether or not you need to buy army prop rentals. Tents not only give you shelter from the rain but also provide the guest with a cool and comfortable space to get out of the sun. Tents add fun and festive element to your party that help set the tone of the celebration right from the start.


In this article, we will discuss how to throw your kid’s summer birthday party in a tent in great detail.

  • Creating the Ultimate Birthday Party Menu

Just as you aren’t going to slack with the entertainment and decorations, you will not slack with food and other goodies. It will match your theme and make your party stand out.


  • Try an Outdoor Summer Party in a tent

An outdoor location will work – your backyard, a local park, a community area etc. However, once you decide on the location, you must buy surplus tents. The summertime temperature is hot and regardless of trees, you are going to get a solid source of shade. Besides tents can even be customised to include climate control and they can stand up to some fairly harsh weather. In other words, hosting the party in a tent can provide you with a place to let the kids run wild.

  • Entertainment and Games

Entertainment and games must match the party theme. If your theme fits, why not hire character? Just as you could invite law enforcement officer or firemen to a local heroes party, you can also hire pirates and face painter to attend the pirate party. Your kids will remember this party for his/her lifetime.


An ultimate birthday party in a tent needs an ultimate party planner. Go on and make that summer birthday boy or girl smile! Check out here to learn what tents that you avoid buying while throwing a birthday bash in great detail.