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Back Brace All About the Back Brace Support

All braces are used when the spine is fractured. These devices are also used to help a range of other conditions as well, including muscle injuries, injuries of the spine, degenerative diseases, and as a spine forming means to align properly with conditions such as scoliosis.

There are two types of orthopedic devices that are used for these purposes. The first is the rigid frame, which is a hardback brace made from a plastic mold. This type of spacer is tight and to limit the movement of the back by 50 percent or more.

The second type is the flexible spacer, which is an elastic splint mainly limiting forward movement. An example of this type of orthopedic spinal brace is worn by workers needed for heavy lifting as it can support the spine in times of severe stress.

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In addition to the differences between hard and soft braces, there are other considerations to take for back bracing types and trochanteric lumbosacral braces are designed to stabilize the lower back, helping to relieve sacroiliac pains or reduce back pain.

These flexible straps go like straps around the back and pelvic area, buckling in front of the user. Wearing such a corset can not only relieve the pain that is already present, but it can prevent pain or injury to occur in many situations.