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Monthly Archive: July 2019

Different Ways You Can Learn To Scuba Dive

There are several ways you can learn to dive, and this generally depends on your instructor. They have a broad set of guidelines and can be adapted to your local conditions. For example, an instructor might teach you in the pool while the next instructor might have a swimming pool so you would be taught at sea.

One way to learn to scuba dive is while on vacation. So, you might consider doing a course on vacation rather than paying a lump sum before the trip.


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The junior scuba diving certification will consist of theory and then this will be followed up with a couple of pool session. During the pool session, you will get to learn about the skills and knowledge about equipment, pressure, and practical skills to get you out of a dangerous situation. This will be taught on the watch instructor and you have to repeat the instructor’s method.

The skills taught will start when you learn to wear and install your diving gear, usually, you will start at the shallow end where you can stand and the instructor has an easy view.

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Advanced expertise will include things like mask removal and recovery of regulators and buoyancy control. As soon as they watch they will be asked to repeat the same skill. Browse here to know more about scuba diving. 

Once you understand, you will be allowed to advance to the open water section of the class. This will usually occur in a safe area in the ocean whether it is from the ship or from the beach the principal is the same. The water depth is usually around ten meters. Here you will repeat the skills again what is taught in the pool.